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Holiday Survival: Remove Yourself

Today I had a plan, a schedule of my to-do's. I was going to finish checking on my peeps logs, workout and then run some errands that have needed to be done BUT..... I got a phone call before 8 am that threw it all up in the air.

I needed to address an issue right away and so the schedule went out the window. No workout, no juicing, no finishing my work, nor getting to my errands. During the drive time as well some down time, I was thinking what to address today. I was not feeling like wanting to address anything. I felt a little bit annoyed and irritable even though everything was ok and yet I was grateful for the opportunity to work on my impatience and annoyance.

Once I got home, I removed myself from my husband and even from checking on my peeps and took a bath. This reminded me of a very important lesson from early on - When I am irritable, angry, frustrated, wanting to control, extremely busy, remove myself from others. Be alone. Feel it, work through it by myself without creating drama or lashing out at others. THIS is KINDNESS! THIS is LOVE! For you and for especially for those around you.

During the stress of the holiday, family or anytime, Practice this. Get good with this. Allow this and soon it will become a habit as it did for me. After some time alone, Breathing, ReGrouping I am able to return with calmness, peace and a new perspective.

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