• Peggi Ingram

Holiday Survival: Just Breathe

I was talking to a client today and she said she was spinning out of control - with thoughts, eating, anger, fear, etc. She said she had no idea how to stop it.

I feel that this is many of us right now with the new lock-down mandates, covid numbers going up, the election fiasco, the loss of control with work, kids schooling at home, you name it. We are under ALOT of stress.

Our brain is always looking for comfort, control and predictability so fear, worry, guilt, blame, anger, eating, busy-ness is our go to. This is how we tried to control it in the past but now it seems to just be spinning that merry-go-round faster and faster.

So how do we get off this merry-go-round? The answer is to breathe! Prana - means life force or vital principle. In order to increase your prana, you need to increase the elements of air and ether in your body. By increasing your prana you are lightening your body and creating a healthy flow for your mind. Seems so simple.

Tips for doing this.

  1. Use your fitbit or set an alarm to tell yourself to take 3 deep breaths through your nose, hold for a bit and exhale slowly. Expand your belly with each breath. Use a favorite mantra if you desire.

  2. Set aside 5-30 minutes every morning to concentrate on breath. As they say - you have a busy day? - then increase that by 30 minutes. 😇

  3. Turn off the TV 30-60 minutes before bed and spend some time then just breathing!

Holidays increase the demand on us and we already are at full capacity. Practice these steps to help you become more grounded.

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