• Peggi Ingram

Holiday Survival: How Much Water are You Drinking?

How is your water intake? Has it dropped off after the holiday weekend? Are you struggling with getting in your gallon? This is not unusual. Part of it is habit - part of it is due to the change in food as well as our attention to this detail.

So what is the purpose of drinking so much water? Many think it is to help with hunger but this can not be further than the truth. Most of us are dehydrated. When we drink coffee, tea, soda and alcohol, and eat high sodium/sugary foods - all of this causes dehydration to the body. Certain medications, air travel, menstruation and even stress also causes dehydration.

Symptoms of dehydration or not drinking enough water may include persistent thirst/hunger, feeling sleepy or sluggish, headache, dizziness and dry skin. Urination happens less frequently, and when it does occur, the urine is dark and yellow.

Not drinking enough water puts a strain on every system of the body. A dehydrated body cannot dispose of toxins as is necessary, and if the condition is chronic, kidney stones and kidney disease can develop.

The goal of drinking a gallon of water a day is to help:

  • supports optimal body functions

  • flushes the body of toxins

  • regulate body temperature

  • provides lubrication to every joint

  • nourishes skin making it look less dry, wrinkled and more youthful.

  • clears up skin conditions such as flakiness and itchiness

  • increases energy

  • increases bowel function decreasing bloating, constipation and digestion

  • improves brain function

  • increases body agility and mobility

  • decrease the a opportunity for drinking non-healthy options such as soda (including diet), milk, and alcohol

  • helps with fat loss

There are many ways to get in a gallon of water a day. Start out with what you are currently drinking and add in 8-16 oz/day. Use a large container that is at least 24oz but preferably 32 oz with a straw. Put rubberbands on your container each time you fill it so you know how much you have drank. Pour from a gallon container. Take your water with you EVERYWHERE. Set your fitbit or clock to remind you to drink finishing at least 3 hours before bedtime to prevent night awakening.

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