• Peggi Ingram

Holiday Survival: At Home Workouts

Walking outside is the best as we get fresh air into our lungs and walking on unlevel ground giving us a better workout on our balance, attention, and muscles. But what is the plan when the weather is too cold or slippery to be outside? How can we still get a good workout in when we can't go to the gym due to the pandemic?

Here are several ways to keep that workout going.

  • There are tons of free workouts on You Tube to try from body weight workouts to yoga to even meditation.

  • Touch base on the PTLINKED.com site for lots of workouts.

  • No equipment - no problem. Cans of food in grocery bags and add to your workout. Have kids or grandkids, incorporate them into the workout as well.

  • Walk around the house - keep walking. This can add up in steps very quickly.

  • If you have steps inside - walk them, run them, walk them, repeat.

  • If you have a treadmill/elliptical at home - awesome! Take all the clothes off of it and USE it! Don't have one? Consider getting one - so many are getting rid of these cheap or free on Marketplace or OfferUp apps. Ask friends as they may have one they want to get rid of.

  • Pull out those old Jane Fonda or Richard Simmons tapes and get Rocking to the Oldies.

  • Waiting on the microwave to warm up the coffee. Do squats for that minute or counter push ups or arm raises or calf raises.

Movement is important. Building muscles or maintaining muscles is also very important. Keep on moving!

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