• Peggi Ingram

Holiday Appetizers

This weekend is our Christmas with the grandkids. We like to do this away from the actual holiday to allow everyone their own traditions and decrease the stress especially with the little ones.

Appetizers are always on the menu. While we usually have the veggies with Sir Kensington Ranch dressing, we also like to have something a bit more creamy and awesome. Here are 2 recipes that fit that bill.

  1. Creamy Gluten Free Crab Dip: RealFoodRN is one of my favorite blogs to follow. Here is a recipe that looks darn good.

  2. Paleo Nacho Cheese Sauce: AgainstAllGrain has this awesome recipe for a cheese sauce that is non-dairy. I love this paired with Nut Thins Crackers or Siete Tortillas chips.


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