• Peggi Ingram

Healthier Halloween

Halloween is the start of not so healthy temptations. There is usually extra candy around, treats on desks, candy corns, taffy apples, and those sneaky little Snickers bars we got for the trick or treaters.

For me, I just can't have the extra treats around or the temptation becomes way too much. I think one will be enough but truth be told, I am going to eat the whole bag.

To prevent myself from even the temptation of these small little devils, I don't buy trick or treat candy. Remember those awesome junky toys we got from the treasure chest at the dentist after a check up? That is what I hand out - Whistles, flying parachuters, glow stick, bats, spider rings, eyeball balls, etc. The kids LOVE these things. They are great for the sensory sensitive as well.

If you struggle with the candy temptations of this coming up holiday, consider this option. These can be purchased cheaply at the dollar store, Oriental Trading or even the big box stores. Get them before they are changed out for Christmas decorations!

Happy Haunting!

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