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Good Bye 2020: It's Been a Ride

As you know I am big on goals. I like to make goals, identify how I am going to reach those goals, re-evaluate them several times a year as well as readjust them too. I also know not everyone is all about goals. However, I do believe we need some kind of idea of what we desire to accomplish or otherwise we are just driving around without a destination in mind. Sometimes that is ok but for most, that keeps us where we are at instead of moving forward.

This year, I have been asking my clients, "What do you want to leave behind as you begin 2021?" "What did not or was not serving you?" What do I want more of in 2021? as well as several other questions.

So here is an example of the process. Take a few minutes to WRITE out these questions.

  • What do I want to leave behind?: 'Self-destruction'.

  • What does that look like?: Self Sabotage of food, plans. Eating without a plan. No focus in mind. Flying by the seat of my pants. Trusting my future self to eat when I have not made food. Eating the cookie because I was good this week. Saying yes to to many activities and commitments. Finding excuses not to drink water and exercise.

  • What happens when I 'self-destruct'?: I go down a rabbit hole of cravings. I struggle with meditating. I feel anxious. I eat poorly. My weight goes up. I get angry with myself and sometimes blame other.

  • What do I want for 2021?: Self - Construction, self-improvement.

  • What does 'self-construction and improvement' look like?: Planning my meals, taking food with me on errands, logging my meals, utilize my coach, ask for help, cooking, scheduling exercise, drinking a gallon of water a day, eating my protein prior to a treat.

This is about finding that one word or phrase of what you want in 2021. Defining it and deciding how to do it. It is not about going into the WHY? Asking the question why makes puts us in a victim role and none of us are victims unless we want to be.

Finally, to stay on top of this, ask your self every night just prior to going to sleep.

  • What did I find challenging today to [insert your word or phrase]?

  • What did I do really well to [insert your word or phrase]?

  • What can do I want to do tomorrow to [insert your word or phrase]?

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