• Peggi Ingram

Full Body Strengthening

I love doing compound exercises - that means you do more than one movement to hit different muscle groups. This workout does that. It also cuts down on the time in the weight room.

Squats with Lateral arm raises.

Deadlifts with Upright rows.

Lunge with Hammer Curls

Bridge with Chest Press feel free to put a weight on your pelvis too to add in more challenges for the glutes!

Make sure you Warm Up - Walk for 5 minutes, jumping jacks, stairs, burpees, whatever to get your blood and muscles warmed up.

Pick your weight. They may be different for each one of the exercises. The weight should be heavy enough so that at the end of your reps, you feel you can't do another but not to heavy that you are swinging them or can not do them with good form. You may want to start out with light weights or even no weights depending on your experience.

8-12 Reps of each of the exercises.

3 Sets or times around. The first set warms you up more, the second starts to work the muscles and the 3 set brings it home!

Smile! Enjoy!

Video can be found here.

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