• Peggi Ingram

Holiday Survival: Finding Good

Everyday, but especially during the month of November I think it is important to practice gratitude. One aspect of gratitude is Finding Good. Finding the Good is when things are not going as we expect/want, when things are out of our control or when we are not happy with results.

Find the Good in the pandemic, the stay at home order, the election, the pain you are experiencing, the anger or frustration or even the scale going up. If we look hard enough we can find the good. When we do this, we shift the energy, we take responsibility and are more apt to feel less anxiety, stress and make the changes necessary.

For me, I have so appreciated the stay at home, the connection we are making in our immediate family, the eating at home, the time to do my internal work. When I look at the election and the negativity surrounding this, I see where many have opened their eyes and taken steps to become involved, to vote, to voice their opinions.

When I see the scale moving in the wrong direction or I feel pain from inflammation, I am so happy to be given this feedback that I need to tighten up my act, change the food I am eating or drink more water. Maybe I need to plan or log better or schedule my exercises. All of this is a great opportunities!

See if today you can find the good in the challenges that have arisen for you. If you struggle with this, write it out. Write out the problem, then what is so bad about it and then what is so good. See if you can change the energy by focusing on the good. We all need more good in the world and it starts with us!

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