• Peggi Ingram

Fat Loss is the Byproduct of Health

Fat loss is a byproduct of health - it just happens. Eat clean, move your body, drink enough water, get plenty of rest and elegant thinking. These 5 things when in check will naturally bring on fat loss!

One of the things that we struggle with is clean eating - Healthy protein, good clean carbohydrates and healthy fats in balance. Finding the foods that work for you as an individual and eliminating those that cause inflammation, pain and bloating. That awareness will create the clean eating.

The second thing I feel is the elegant thinking. What we tell ourselves, what beliefs we have about our abilities, habits, or choices may keep us in a place that we are not able to lose fat. Inspection is the key. Asking is that true? Are you sure that is true? Then being willing to get out of our comfort zone is key.

Finally, movement - appropriate movement. Yep there can be too much movement. Movement and exercise is not about burning the calories of the bag of oreos. It is about moving our blood to our liver and kidneys. It is about building muscles to help burn calories and create a sculptured body. It is about decreasing our glycogen so we burn fat vs sugar. It is about stress relief and YES you can move too much!! Too much exercise can create the body to be too stressed, cause the body to eat the muscles instead of build it.

So change your focus from the skinny to the healthy focusing on what you EAT, what you THINK and what you DO! You got this.

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