• Peggi Ingram

Fall in Love....

I just love this time of the year. While I would normally say that Summer is my favorite time of the year - there is nothing like the vibrant and beautiful colors of fall! The crisp morning air and smells of fall.

For me the fall is a renewal of focus on self-care. Of making special effort to plan meals, get up early and meditate, schedule workouts, picking up a hobby or a good book, take an afternoon for an Epsom salt bath, connect with a friend - all the things that support me - Mind, Body, and Spirit.

As we put the boat away for the season, we change up our routine. We get outside at home cleaning up the leaves, gardens, and enjoy fires in the evening. We plan weekends and now the holidays with family and friends.

This change in scenery and season is very important to take some time to SEE the beauty that is all around us and inside of us. To treasure the changes outside as well as in. To schedule those activities that support you! What will you do to support your Mind Body and Spirit?

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