• Peggi Ingram

Eating Confusion

We have heard confusing reports of what to eat since we were little.

We started out drinking whole milk and then were told it was bad for us - drink skim. Eggs were awesome and then it causes high cholesterol. White things are bad. Yogurt is good for losing weight. Pork the other white meat.

We were slammed with advertisement from Tony the tiger and Count Chocula to eat frosted flakes and chocolate cocopuffs.

The USDA has changed their recommendations from the Basic 7 to the Basic 4 to the Wheel, the Pyramid and now The Plate with several more in between. https://www.choosemyplate.gov/eathealthy/brief-history-usda-food-guides

I get why it is confusing. I understand you saying - I don't know why this is not working for me or you tell me it is 'bad' for me. I hear you when you say - I have been eating this way since I was little or that is how we grew up. I GET IT!!

What so many of us don't realize is how the food industry has changed. Food has become HIGHLY processed. Oatmeal used to take 40 minutes to cook - now we have instant packets - just add water (and they contain sugar or because of the processing break down so quickly into sugar in our body). Bread was whole grain, whole wheat not enriched highly processed flour where most of the nutrition is not even in the bread. Sugar and salt has been added as an ingredient to almost EVERYTHING!!

Also, another very important change to our food is how it is grown. Wheat, corn and soy is not the same as it was 20 years ago or even 5 years ago. Our seeds have been bastardized, hybridized, GMO'ed and chemical laced. These same seeds and plants are fed to our animals contaminating their meat along with hormones and antibiotics.

I totally get the confusion - I had it too. I questioned and balked but I knew that what I was eating was not helping me feel better or lose weight. It was not until I dove deep into this whole change in our food that I realized what was going on.

Small companies are doing their best to provide healthy sourced foods but then are bought out by the big companies and the integrity and quality of the ingredients change almost immediately to increase the profits. I find it hard to stay on top of the research or even the ingredients of my favorite foods. (if the label changes most likely so has the ingredients)

I am about eating Whole, Real, Quality Foods! I work with inflammation in the body. Processed foods cause that inflammation. We may say we do not feel this while we are eating it but we do know that we don't lose weight or we have joint pain, headaches, belly/gut issues, diseases which we don't realize is from what we are eating until we remove it for a few weeks and eat it again.

I am asking you to do your research too - see how the industry has changed. Follow the money because that is where you will find the information! Keep asking the questions. Push back on me - yes do that too. I am going to keep pushing for you to read the ingredient list. Have sugar, sugar substitute, wheat, soy or other inflammatory ingredients - put it back. Find a substitute or make your own. Know what is going into your body! Your body will thank you!

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