• Peggi Ingram

Do You Know What You are Capable of?

This is the same saying I got on my tea bag Saturday and it definitely spoke to me.

I am specifically thinking of my clients who are blowing by goals that they thought they would never reach. Whether that be weight, steps, strength or even planning goals.

When I first ask my clients what their goals are, I think many times the goals are not true reach goals. They are the goals they have had before or a goal that might be easy to reach. Whatever the case, almost all of my clients reach those goals and go on to do so much more.

I was the same way - I set a weight and strength goal and when I met it, I thought shoot I can do so much more and DID IT!

We really have no idea how much potential we have in us. We don't know the strength, resolve, resilience and courage we have until we truly test ourselves. We have a thought - our perceived potential - of what we are capable of reaching. It is only when we put this perceived potential to the test that we realize our TRUE potential. We gain confidence and courage to do more.

To do this means we have to push our way out of the boundaries of our comfort zone to experience this true potential.

We are much more powerful than we ever thought we could be. Are you testing your true potential?

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