• Peggi Ingram

Comfort, Control or Creativity?

Yesterday's conversation with a client was very impactful to me. She was talking about finding herself again after going through a rough patch. I said it is not always about finding yourself and going back to old ways - what if you created yourself to who you want to be?

We as humans are creators. We have imagination, tools and the ability to do absolutely anything we set our minds/hearts on. We can make ourselves into painters, athletes, financial gurus, etc. We can start down a path and experience it for a while and then change paths and experiences something else. We are not stuck on only one path - unless we choose that path.

Right now we are who we are because of the previous choices we made which means we have the power to make a different choice to become something else. Sounds easy, however so many of us are afraid of doing something that we don't know how it will turn out. We may not be able to control the outcome. We may not trust that what is out there for us is something better than we could even imagine.

Before we go down the slippery slope of what if this, what if that. What if we just made a simple choice to do something different today than we normally would do? What if we got comfortable with some little changes in our routine? What if we just said yes to absolutely everything for one day? See how it all turns out? And then do it again tomorrow?

Trust and enjoy the process!

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