• Peggi Ingram

Cleanses: Yes or No?

Many of my clients ask me about cleanses, quick start fasts or detox program. I do not recommend these protocols for many reason. This client is almost always in a diet head mentality and just looking for a quick fix. They want to be 10# down to fit into a dress or just that high that comes with these programs. I don't believe in quick fixes. We didn't get here in a weekend and we won't get out of it in a few days either.

The other issue I see with these types of programs is that it is focused on the fasting, the cleanse, and when that protocol is over I see these clients feel so good, are down 10-15# and then immediately eat McDonalds, ice cream or a large pizza! Totally destroying what these protocols are all about.

These cleanses have a a very important purpose. They remove toxins from the fat cells and get them circulating in the blood stream to begin the process of elimination through the liver and kidney. This process is not completed in 2-3 days. It requires another week or more to be completed. So when the cleanse is over and the client eats junk food, it causes all of those toxins that are already circulating to go right back into the cells (which may be the cells of the heart or other organs) causing more harm than if they just stayed in the fat cells to begin with.

So to be truly honest - I really do believe in liver cleanses (in fact do one every day), detox cleanses, fasts etc. but only for the client who is not in the diet head looking for a quick fix. One who follows the prescribed program to a tee and then goes right into the second phase of the protocol of re-introducing only healthy foods as recommended.

Cleanses do have a very important purpose and place in our health regime. They are not a quick fixes and may do more harm than good if not done mindfully with supervision and strict after care.

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