• Erica Green

Change: Grieving a Former Life & Relationships

The Lounge for Adults-

When the New Year ball dropped on January 1, 2020, yes last year, no one could comfortably predict how the year would turn out. And in some ways many found this year to be a time of change and a time of grieving not only for loved ones and friends but perhaps for our life or a career that they once enjoyed. Do you have a sense of loss and to feel sad as normal. However, one would say it’s not so much how things fall, more importantly it’s how people get up. What keeps them going in tough times.

In 2021, we can use this time of crisis as a window of opportunity. When a door closes, another one opens. New outlook? New job? New career? However, it’s exceptionally difficult when we lose a loved one or a trusted confidant. Closure can be difficult. Imagining the new orbit and new order of things can be difficult. However, a small step in healing is to celebrate the life with this person, the great memories, and great feelings that came from these experiences,

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