• Peggi Ingram

Can't Go Back

Was the weekend what you thought it was going to be? Did you eat what you planned to eat? Did you exercise like you wanted to do? Did you succumb to the glass(es) of wine or the scrumptious looking piece of cake?

We can not change the past. We can not change the effects of our choices and hear me well - there will be consequences - good or bad depending on the choice. Like it or not, we are responsible to the effects from our choices - no complaining, no crabbing at the kids or spouse or co-workers. Buck up and own those effect! All is good. The past is the PAST - Move on!

Right now, this am, this minute we can go forward with increase resolution, increase vigor and make different choices or not - this is your choice!

Didn't eat well - then make sure you get plenty of water in today. Flush that system. Eat protein with every meal and snack. Didn't make food for today - there are plenty of good choices in grocery stores. Already made hard boiled eggs, fruit, a salad with rotisserie chicken or packet of tuna, or an order of Chipotle for lunch - yep you will take a sodium hit but hey - still a decent meal.

Let go of the decision you made yesterday and start here - right now!! You got this!

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