• Peggi Ingram

Benefits of AM Workouts

I have been doing early morning workouts for many years. It first started to get it done before I headed into work. It woke me up, I felt vitalized and awesome the rest of the day. I never knew the work schedule so could not depend on getting home or to the gym on time.

Here are other benefits to working out in the AM.

  1. As the saying goes: The brain has not figured out what you are doing so there is no resistance. You get up, get dressed and workout.

  2. Gives you energy throughout the day: This is a big one. AM workouts gets the blood flowing and metabolism going.

  3. AM workout makes you more productive throughout the day. This goes along with the energy moving and a sense of accomplishment - drives you to do more..

  4. Makes you happier: With the increase in energy, metabolism and release of endorphins, moods are increased and stress is reduced.

  5. Of course any workout increases your strength and helps you get fit but AM workout make sure you get it done. No excuses of tiredness, scheduling conflicts, etc.

  6. Insulin resistance is lowered: This is because you use the excess sugar in the system as fuel for the workout.

Whatever your schedule is, finding a niche in the am to get in your workout has many benefits. I also suggest getting this habit in before the fall time change as doing this in the dark sometimes makes us pull the cover over our heads. Give it a try for a few weeks and feel the difference.

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