• Peggi Ingram

Are You Ready

As a health coach working with clients, I remind myself of this everyday.

I walk this path with each of you. I educate you. I give you tools. I encourage you. I give you all the secrets there are on this journey but I can not do the work for you.

I see this all the time that the doctor (significant other or friend) thinks we need to get healthier, exercise, lose weight, etc and so we half heartedly start on the journey maybe to please them but our hearts are not in it. I hear it in your voice when we chat.

We find the journey hard. We face challenges and setbacks. We are not willing to do what we need to do to reach our goals. We may put forth a little effort but are upset that we are failing again. We are just not ready and I am here to tell you that is OK!!!

When we truly are ready in our hearts - We find it easy to put ourselves first. We enjoy the journey, the challenges, trying new recipes, new workouts, and new schedules. We are amazed at our ability to change and roll with the challenges we face. We are amazed at how much ability we truly have and the warrior within us.

All it takes is to be ready to help yourself. Are you ready?

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