• Peggi Ingram

After the Halloween Candy!

Til the end of the year I am offering tips on how to survive these holidays without the unnecessary 10-15#. Today we address that left over candy!

  1. If you still have candy lying around the house, I give you permission to throw it out. Don’t take it to work or put it in the freezer, just throw it out. NO ONE needs it. Reduce your temptation.

  2. If you have kids, offer to buy it from them for so much money or trade for a toy of their choice. Whatever you need to do - just get it OUT OF THE HOUSE! Will power is one thing, staring at the devil every single minute of the day is another.

  3. Increase your protein and healthy fat intake. Eating these macronutrients helps to curb the sugar cravings.

  4. Make sure you are eating protein with every meal/snack.

  5. Increase your water. Make sure you are getting in the 1 gallon a day. Down below that - increase 8 oz per day til you are at 1 gallon.

  6. Start the day with a higher protein meal.

  7. Watch the simple carbohydrates and make sure you compliment that with a protein.

  8. Go for a walk.

  9. Schedule your exercise to increase your endorphins and metabolism.

  10. If you have a craving for sweets - make it a small piece of fruit or have the avocado pudding recipe

What specific trick do you use?

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