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8+ Easy Healthy Meals with Leftovers

Continuing the topic of Holiday Survival - Making a busy life easier is important. When we get busy we tend to stop planning and think we can wing it and do well. Well, we know how well that goes. Research has found that planning meals ahead of time and creating leftovers helps us stay on track AND decrease our stress.

Below are some recipes and shortcuts that I do to create dinners and leftovers throughout the week.

  1. 18 hard boiled eggs in the instant pot. 3 minutes and done. Do this while cooking dinner.

  2. Pot roast with potato, onions and carrots added into the pot. (leftovers for lunch)

  3. Marinated sirloin steak and chicken (with Taco Seasoning) with grilled onions/peppers with Spanish rice or on top of salad. (leftover chicken into a chicken salad, steak on salad or in rice as a casserole)

  4. Whole chicken in crock pot or instant pot. Sides mashed potatoes/cauliflower and green beans. Add water and cook remaining chicken carcass overnight and make chicken soup with rice, carrots, spinach, zucchini, etc or use to make chicken salad or just to munch on.

  5. Hamburgers with foiled grilled potatoes/onions (cook enough for leftovers)

  6. 2# ground beef for meatloaf or maybe meatballs or just cooked up to add to a healthy jar of spaghetti sauce to pour or Asian Rice vermicelli.

  7. Making one sheet pan meal with enough for leftovers is another favorite of mine. This site has great recipes to try. My favorite is the One Pan Roasted Salmon with Potatoes.

  8. Of course the famous Apple coffee cake that I make into muffins. This too I do while other meals are cooking so I am not in the kitchen all day.

What is your favorite meal?

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